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The Pre-Kindergarten offers a one year programme for children between 3 years and
4 years. The programme is richly supported by Reggio Emilia and Montessori principles of children’s learning.

Pre-Kindergarten is an initiation to school where the children get the opportunity to spend some time away from home and develop new skills which will help prepare them for Kindergarten. Special activities and field trips enhance their learning

Our aim is to help children become confident individuals and independent learners.


  1. The World Cultures Programme: Introducing children to many different cultures, giving them the foundation to become global citizens.
  2. Eurhythmics: A form of education with music which integrates rhythmic movement, ear training and improvisation. It has a vast scope of developmental outcomes.
  3. Free Flow: A time when children are free to choose from a range of activities – promoting decision making and collaborative play. This gives limitless opportunity to develop expression.
  4. The Good Listeners’ Programme: Singing and playing and listening to a variety of instruments help young children to develop early reading skills.
  5. The Multisensory Learning Programme: This programme exposes children to a host of sensory experiences. Their natural instincts for enquiry and inquiry are nurtured – making them lifelong independent learners.


Specially equipped buses with special individual child seats will are available. This fleet will be used exclusively for Prekindergarten children only. All buses will be escorted by trained female attendants. First time in Dubai


9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

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